Sand Casting Service

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Sand Casting Service


Densen Group is a sand casting services manufacturer located in China, providing high-quality OEM sand casting products.

Provide high-quality sand casting services with the most reasonable factory quotation, use the highest quality raw materials and casting consumables, and run the casting line through advanced automatic mold making equipment.

We have passed ISO9001-2015 quality certification and TS16949 certification, providing sand casting parts for railways, energy pipelines, agricultural machinery, urban construction, construction and other industries.

We can cast different casting parts ranging from 0.5kg to 50kg, attach importance to quality control of castings, strive to meet customer product needs, and provide one-stop technical support and product processing services.

We are committed to delivering 100% qualified sand casting parts through testing methods such as magnetic powder, X-ray, and ultrasonic.

Contact the Densen Group team for more information on sand casting parts.


Sand casting parts have many advantages and are widely used in various industries. At present, it is one of the most competitive casting processes.

Low cost:

The cost of consumables and raw materials used in the sand casting process is low, and part of the sand can be recycled.


The sand casting process can complete small weight products. Through reasonable squeezing of sand and vent holes, complete precision castings can be cast.

Wide range of materials:

Suitable for many metal materials, such as steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Low-cost molds:

Sand molds are not complicated, and are generally made of wood or aluminum alloy. Compared with die-casting, the mold cost is lower.