Pure water machine installation pressure copper ball valve focus on five points

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Equipment installation after the leaking problem recently, is still a pure water machine after installing leakage due to improper installation technique, water leakage at the point of failure (pressure barrels of copper ball valve).
The following paper analyzes the reasons of leaking:
The first, second in charge of the shear is not standard, nozzle is incomplete, skew, burr will cause interface leak;The solution is to use special tube cutter shearing second in charge.
Second, second in charge of the failed to put in place, leaking;The solution is to find feel, the visual size.Just insert pipe joint 10 mm, will be stop once, then need to insert joint force, will once again into 6 mm.
Third, ball valve installation, lack of sealing ring;Solution is sealing ring and ball valve, sealing ring will leak.
Fourth, ball valve and pressure bucket of water nozzle installing tie ribbons;Solution is this step is not allowed to tie ribbons, and tighten the ball valve with the hand, observation is not leaking.
Fifth, the installation process of ball valve and pressure bucket of water mouth docking skew;Solution is to ensure the installation of two mating parts center line must be on the same lines, and the strength of installation.