Processing technology of casting mould parts

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Part in all kinds of technical requirements on the one hand, influence on the performance of the parts work, on the other hand, is directly related to the economy and feasibility of the manufacturing process.What are often asked casting mold parts processing technical requirements, the following simple analysis.
Processing technology of casting mould parts
1. The size precision of parts processing;
2. Precision parts processing shape;
3. The parts surface roughness;
4. Parts of all the position accuracy of the machining surface;
5. Parts hardness and heat treatment requirements;
6. Other special requirements.
Processing technology of casting mould parts
Usually in the process of casting mold parts processing, with the higher precision machined surface, there is a will also get a finer surface roughness, but as the surface roughness is reduced, and to increase the total processing cost.As a result, the operator to determine the accuracy, first of all to ensure the parts performance requirements, but also to consider the process conditions and parts manufacturing costs, and many other factors.