Precision die casting technology and its advantages

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The molten alloy liquid is poured into a pressure chamber, which is a precision die casting, and the steel mould is filled with high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form a kind of precision casting method. Precision casting has the following advantages.
Precision die casting technology and its advantages
1.Product quality is good
Size precision high on the casting, generally can be reached 6 to 7, even up to 4; good surface smoothness, generally reach 5 to 8; high strength and hardness, strength increase 25-30% relative sand casting, but decreased the elongation of 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability, complicated and thin-wall castings can be die-casting.
2.High production efficiency
Machine with high productivity, such as domestic J III 3 type horizontal cold empty die casting machine average eight hours can die-casting 600 ~ 700 times, small hot chamber die casting machine average every eight hours can die casting 3000~7000; long service life of the die casting die, a pair of die casting, the clock die-casting alloy, hundreds of thousands of times the general life all can reach, or even a million times; mechanization and automation is easy to implement.
3.Good economic results
Because of the precise size of the die casting, the surface is bright and clean. General can direct use in processing processing requires only a small amount of processing, so the metal utilization rate is improved, a large number of processing equipment and working hours and reduce the; easy castings price; combination of die casting method can take to do other metal or non-metallic materials, so the man hour and material can save a.
Precision die casting technology and its advantages
The above is about the precision die casting a little summary, hope to help to everyone.