Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator separating efficiency

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Whether to use what equipment, engaged in what industry, users care about most is always the production efficiency, without a doubt, is also the goal of equipment manufacturer is trying to achieve.In this paper, the red star experts explain for everybody permanent magnet drum magnetic separator.The influencing factors of permanent magnet drum magnetic separator to work more, in addition to the familiar bottom box type, the magnetic structure and magnetic properties, and those factors affect the efficiency of equipment chosen don't?
1.Concentration of separation
Separation concentration decides a certain amount of ore pulp flow velocity, the size of the effect of ore grain sorting time.High concentration, flow velocity is slow, resistance is big, easy mixed gangue concentrate, and reduce the concentrate quality.But as a result of for a long time, good for recovery.On the other hand, if the separation concentration is low, concentrate grade can be higher, and tailings grade will be higher, lower the rate.
 Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator separating efficiency
2.The magnetic separation Angle
Magnetic system Angle if inappropriate will significantly affect the separation index.So-called magnetic department Angle is magnetic curve centerline and cylinder center vertical Angle.Low magnetic system after partial tailings grade, but, after the big partial loss due to concentrate cannot ascend to the end, on the contrary make tailings grade higher.If magnetic system before the partial, promote concentrate is too high, and district cut short, and higher grade of tailings, so magnetic Angle should be adjusted to the moderate position.
3.Working gap
Coarse constituency cylinder surface to the bottom case called work clearance distance between the bottom plate.The size of the work affects the effect of separation.Gap is big, the pulp flow also is big, is beneficial to improve the capacity, but as far away from the cylinder surface, the magnetic field strength is low, so can make the tailings grade rise, reduce the metal recovery.
 Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator separating efficiency
4.Drum rotational speed
The size of the cylinder speed of indicators may also be affected, low speed and low production;High speed, large particles by centrifugal force, magnetic double function per unit time increases, the concentrate grade and handling ability are high, and the recovery rate is down.

In addition, there are other can influence the efficiency of the magnetic separator magnetic separation of small details, such as adjusting the feed aproll and concentrate of flushing water is also very important.Whether in life or work, notices are learning, red star machine also hope everyone can work in continuous learning and progress, growing, there have been more and better new discovery.