Parts processing and heat treatment have you seen?

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What kind of subsequent processing parts processing using deformation and heat treatment process control, manufacturing process of other protective antioxidants in how to solve this problem?Magnesium alloys can be divided into casting magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy machining and heat treatment deformation of magnesium alloy face a big problem, including aluminum alloy also has a lot of deformation, in order to eliminate deformation of my several methods.After aging treatment is the deformation and stress to the school, the school in the form of heat on the way to the school, when another kind of method is formed on the surface of the school form, I suggest that can try to use the shot peening processing methods, including shot peening processing formed in the shape of airplane wings.Peen forming - the advantage is: first of all introduces the compressive stress, material properties, especially the fatigue performance is good;The second thin-walled parts, especially magnesium alloy after shot peening processing easy to deformation, need to better control shot peening processing technology to achieve satisfactory results.This problem I suggest you do some black oxidation treatment, compared with aluminium alloy, the helicopter tail reducer box is made of black finish, corrosion resistance, hardness to a certain extent, anodic oxidation, it need to be aware of technical problems, and we do straight - 9 when using this method in the helicopter.
Parts processing and heat treatment have you seen
First of all, the purpose is to improve the power of the organization, improve the cutting performance of materials, the temperature about 140 ℃, magnesium aluminum titanium light alloy temperature control is the key.Is the second aging treatment, the purpose is to eliminate pressure of rough machining, laid a solid foundation in order to obtain good technology feasibility, the temperature about 120 ℃.The third is the low temperature heat treatment, thin wall and high precision machining parts, there must be a stable, the size of the military products for high temperature and low temperature test, vibration test, sinusoidal frequency test, the test must be through the environment temperature changes, so be stable processing, namely the positive and negative circulation heat treatment temperature, the temperature in - 50 ~ 90 ℃, plus or minus 10 ℃.Don't eliminate heat treatment deformation of the part can only reduce, not eliminate, because there are many factors that can lead to deformation, and to correct analysis, in addition to heat treatment, machining process through the reasonable arrangement of technology, can ensure production tooling/fixture design part of the magnesium alloy thin-wall parts size requirements, such as reducing deformation, in order to meet the accuracy requirement.
Parts processing and heat treatment have you seen
Professional analysis, don't try to be in the final stages of solution heat treatment deformation problem, is actually in the process of machining deformation accumulation in the end, every step of the process can produce stress, deformation of stress will be released in the last part, every step of the lowest need to relieve stress, including the control processing of feed, feed stress state and deformation caused by the large surface.I magnesium in contact with not too much, but many of the deformation of steel the results of the phase change of internal pressure, the adjustment on heat treatment, carburizing and high temperature deformation, early didn't adjust good will produce deformation, aviation industry standards, preparation of carburizing heat treatment of annealing or normalizing tempering heat treatment requirements, is not only high temperature normalizing + tempering, quenching and high temperature tempering.And fixture, quenching temperature, the heating temperature and quenching cooling medium itself, aviation industry puts forward high demands on quenching temperature, such as water, warm water quenching, quenching, quenching hot water and salt water, therefore, to eliminate the deformation need to overall consideration.
That is about parts processing oxidation heat treatment method is introduced, hope to be of service.

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