Method of common defects in zinc alloy die casting process

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Engaged in die-casting industry colleagues all know, the quality of the die casting common for many reasons, such as the common quality problems of shrinkage, porosity, porosity, air bubble, shrinkage, slag inclusion, pinhole, cold, cold, cold insulation, displacement, strain, crack, deformation, collapse, owe casting, etc., due to the quality of these factors are various, but the main reason from the mold, small make up today is to introduce the reason for these problems.
The first is to clear the reason and identify type, many people will confuse the porosity, slag inclusion, pinhole the cold wen as a cold, the cold material and as a cold, so the understanding and the understanding of it is difficult to make the right judgment, judgment is wrong, the solution is different, the result is not ideal, of course, wrong not only delay time will cause great waste.
Method of common defects in zinc alloy die casting process
We have to porosity, slag hole.Pinhole as example to do a show.
Porosity inside is smooth, hole more rules, the cause of porosity, mainly, the gas discharge breakdown, vortex cavity, complex structure without the exhaust port, both into the water too fast, the overflow, airway open not ideal, the fill time and gate flow direction is not correct, material temperature is high, the left cavity in too much water, aluminum water contains gas, too fast, and so on.
Slag hole to pass and internal uneven, slag hole caused by factors mostly, die temperature is low, low temperature, the pressure is not stable, aluminum liquid containing impurities, etc.
Is the main reason of the pinhole, liquid aluminum oxide, low temperature, die temperature also has the certain factors.We after such careful screening, clear judgment, can promptly correct out effective solution, smooth, orderly production, quality assurance, customer satisfaction of die casting supplier.