Metal forged steel case board performance

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Definition: the performance of forging forging performance is what mean?Steel plate after molding, metal materials used in the forging processing method of adaptive capacity is called a forging.Forging performance, what is the point?
Metal forged steel case board performance
Forging performance is good or bad, mainly depends on the metal material of plastic and deformation resistance.Metal plastic deformation, the better, so the less resistance to deformation, metal forging performance is, the better.
Metal forged steel case board performance
Steel case board at the time of production after bonding machine, in the process of forging, due to the effect of heating, forging, cooling, can make the material of the organization, a lot of changes in performance, increase the chemical properties of metallic materials, but at the same time also can produce very big internal stress, and because the number of forging is different, the chemical properties of the each part is not the same, easy to cause the steel grid plate deformation, cracking and other problems, since the stiffness of the parts, parts difficult to processing of unhealthy phenomenon will occur.But also good all these problems can be solved by annealing, normalizing heat treatment.
Metal forged steel case board performance
Steel grating forging properties will occur after a certain change, may affect the welding process, the carbon content of steel is one of the important factors affect the steel case board performance good or bad, believe that we have seen some costume dramas, in ancient times the blacksmith will take the forging hammer is red iron sword, sword forging for plastic, as well as in iron carbon some devilish.Get back to business, the carbon content of steel is very important, when the mass fraction of carbon in low carbon steel is less than 0.18% of the time, will have good welding performance.

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