Magnetic separator separation equipment introduction to different categories

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Magnetic separation is choose by the difference of magnetic mineral grain for points.When mineral grains and gangue particles by magnetic separator, magnetic field due to the magnetic mineral grains are different, under the action of magnetic field, their way to different sports.Magnetic particles by magnetic attraction, attached to the garden on the drum magnetic separator, with a garden tube was brought to a certain height, from the magnetic field by using high pressure flushing water falls from the barrel.
Non-magnetic namely gangue particles in magnetic separator magnetic field from the magnetic attraction, thus can't adhere to the garden on the drum.To get two kinds of products, is a kind of magnetic products into concentration box, a nonmagnetic products into the tailings boxes.
Natural magnets and artificial magnet magnet.Artificial magnet is divided into two kinds: one kind is permanent magnet;The other is a magnet.The difference between the two by permanent magnet magnetic material (e.g., magnetic alloy, ceramic magnets, etc.).Wound coil and electromagnet is outside the core to produce magnetic bubbled into direct current, magnetic or disappear when the power is cut off.
Magnetic separator separation equipment introduction to different categories
Now commonly used is a permanent magnet.Made from permanent magnet magnetic separator is called permanent magnet magnetic separator, is now in general use black mill processing equipment.
Magnetic field is divided into uniform magnetic field and inhomogeneous magnetic field.In the uniform magnetic field, any size of the magnetic field strength and direction are the same, in the uniform magnetic field, the magnetic force is acting in magnetic mineral grains, evenly particles in balance at this time, so you can't achieve the goal of selected points.In inhomogeneous magnetic field, the size of the magnetic field strength and the direction is different, the effect of magnetic force in magnetic mineral grains is uneven, so under the action of magnetic particles in magnetic, achieve the goal of selected points.
Magnetic separator using non-uniform magnetic field.Inhomogeneous magnetic field, the magnetic force in magnetic ore grain size and proportion to uneven.The more uneven, the magnetic field in magnetic particles on the magnetic force is big.The inhomogeneity of magnetic field intensity is usually expressed in magnetic field gradient, the unit is oster/cm.
Magnetic separator separation equipment introduction to different categories
Magnetic separator is the most widely used in industry, high universality, one of the models is suitable for reuse powder granule of removing iron powder, etc.Magnetic separator is widely used in wood industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food and other resources recovery in the factory.Magnetic separator is suitable for the size 3 mm below the manganese ore, magnetite, magnetic pyrite, roasted ore and ilmenite material wet or dry magnetic separation, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.
Magnetic separator magnetic system, we adopt high quality material or compounded with magnets, ferrite cylinder before table magnetic induction intensity for an average of 800-800 mt. Due to the development of technology, magnetic separator can make the roll shape, magnetic field intensity is increased to 8000 mt is measured with the highest magnetic field strength at present.

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