Magnetic separator installation notes

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Users according to their own needs of the field and function of the product, choose suitable for their use of the magnetic separator, the next small series for you to introduce magnetic separation table is a strong magnetic separation machine installation attention points.When the magnetic separator for ore selection and the force of magnetic field in the stronger magnetic minerals more, effective separation in the separator or poly magnetic medium adsorbed magnetic minerals, no magnetic material will only by other forces and not receive a magnetic adsorption, with mineral has a different trajectory, so as to realize the separation of magnetic minerals and magnetic minerals.
Magnetic separator installation notes
As long as it is a magnetic separator, there are similar working principles, are the role of the adsorption of magnetic minerals. Magnetic separator, magnetic separation machine easy to wear parts should always pay attention to check, wear severity should be promptly replaced the use of the long time; the dust in the plane of the chassis to clear in time, avoid to affect work efficiency; when the bearing temperature rise too high, the horse to stop work examines the reasons for troubleshooting; when impact sound in gear running, should immediately stop check and eliminate the reasons; each part of the machine is normal work should always pay attention to; especially for the installation of a new magnetic separator tyre prone to loosening, should be checked regularly, to ensure the safety production.
Magnetic separator installation notes
1, The equipment should be installed in the level of concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.
2, The installation of the vertical and horizontal when the host body should pay attention to.
3, The various parts of the bolt is loose and the main door of the main door is fixed in the installation must be carried out after the work, such as the need for fastening.
4, Power lines and control switches to be in accordance with the configuration of the machine to choose.
5, Inspection is completed, the empty load test, the machine can start working properly.
Magnetic separator installation notes
The above is a small series for you to introduce the magnetic separation machine in the installation should pay attention to several points.

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