Machinery manufacturing industry development to be improved

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Today, the rapid growth of China's machinery industry has gradually bid farewell to the era, the industry adjustment and transformation is now an urgent need to do, due to the rapid development caused prolonged create some problems and have become increasingly prominent, innovation capability is weak, structural imbalance and other issues have become restricting the development of China's machinery industry several short board.
The development of machines
Restricting the development of four major problems
Although the scale of China's machinery industry has for many years ranked first in the world, but the big but not strong, there are still many problems. Among them, the weak business innovation, improve product R & D is the most important issue, lack of R & D expenditure and public technical service system is not perfect affect the development of two main aspects.
The development of machines
Machinery Industrial generic technology research capability is a big gap to the process for the development of the industry. First, industrial technology base was weak; Second, trade and technological exchanges learned enough; the third is the production of standard products in standard industry requirements gap; Fourth, product quality standards testing sector was small, fragmented structure of the layout, service capabilities single, the lack of international standards certification body.
The development of machines
Insufficient supply of high-end equipment, the core components are imported second problem is. For example, domestic enterprises have not yet mastered the current design technology and heavy-duty gas turbine main component testing technology and other core technologies; to get some high-end equipment to rely on imports, 80% of the integrated circuit chip manufacturing equipment, 70% of the key automobile manufacturing equipment, 40% of large petrochemical equipment, and the vast majority of high-end, sophisticated test equipment and CNC machine control systems still rely on imports.
The development of machines
Insufficient collaboration between the industry development, the development of cross-sectoral cooperation between the third short board. On the one hand, the machinery industry has a high correlation product, the product features a wide range of applications to achieve from big to strong, their own ability alone is difficult to do, long-term follow fragmentation management system so that the formation of inter-industry independent production system, the professional division of labor pattern is not formed.
The development of machines
On the other hand, the development of service-oriented manufacturing enterprises seriously lagging behind. Compared with developed countries, the proportion of traditional manufacturing in China's machinery industry is too high, too much depends on the kind of products, customer demand for the overall problem solving development is not good, quality brand is not yet affected service activities obviously, the contribution is not high in terms of value-added services.
The development of machines
Finally, a big problem is more prominent overcapacity, competitive environment to be improved. Over the years, the extensive development of the machinery industry, increasing production scale industries, rapid expansion of production capacity in some products. Under domestic and international market demand, declining situation, the problem of excess capacity in some industries more and more prominent, and can not be resolved in the short term.
Market increasing degree in mechanical industry, but the decisive role of the market mechanism in the allocation of resources has not been fully played, disorderly competition, vicious competition in the market, and many other phenomena still exist, the healthy development of the industry has been severely hampered. Imitation, fake phenomenon still exists in the industry, the lack of effective protection of innovation activities. By reducing the amount of material, the processing capacity of some enterprises to reduce manufacturing costs, product quality and reliability have been severely affected, the market competition order is seriously disrupted. In addition, when the user enterprise arrears receivables phenomenon have occurred, harm the corporate credit environment and business transactions between users.
The development of machines
In addition, the application in the domestic high-end products more difficult, and even some product already has the world's advanced level, but acceptance, adoption rates in the domestic market is not high. When purchasing or bidding companies belonging to government departments, there is still discrimination, shading interchangeable manner are some common user units, excluding the country's machinery manufacturing enterprises and products, business users host discrimination of domestic enterprises, the key to a host of domestic enterprises discrimination zero phenomenon member exists, especially business-to-host support key parts made in the lack of pressure and power, the lack of mechanisms for risk-taking, innovative products is difficult to be recognized or to obtain application opportunities.

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