Machine motor maintenance five measures

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Magnetic separator is one of the important mineral processing equipment, mainly used in ferrous metal mineral, iron ore magnetic separation;Nonferrous and precious metal collection - tungsten tin, copper molybdenum separation, separation of copper lead;Heavy media separation of magnetic magnetic separation recycling of heavy medium;Non-metallic mineral raw materials to remove iron impurities in the ore dressing - kaolin in addition to iron;Waste water treatment.
Both dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator is basic round-the-clock operation.This creates a big load for magnetic separator machine, how to not be burned in the operation of motor, power failure?Xin hai machinery to introduce the six kinds of magnetic separation of the mechanical and electrical machine maintenance measures.
A. Often keep the cleaning of the motor
Motor in operation, at least 3 meters around inlets, there is no dust, water damage and other sundry, in order to prevent the motor internal absorption, form a short circuit medium, or damage to the wire insulation layer, causing short circuit between box, current, temperature and burning motor.
Machine motor maintenance five measures
2. Keep the motor often work at rated power flow
Motor overload operation, the main reason is due to the large drag load, the voltage is too low, or is driven mechanical binding, etc.If overload time is too long, the motor will absorb a large number of active power from the power grid, the current increases sharply, temperature rise, the insulation aging and failure of the motor at high temperature and burning.Therefore, the motor in operation, attention should be paid to regularly check transmission device is flexible and reliable operation;If even the concentricity of shaft standards;The flexibility of gear transmission, etc., if found to have lag phenomenon, should immediately stop running again after find out the reason troubleshooting.
3. Check whether motor three phase current balance
Any phase current three-phase asynchronous motor, three phase current and the other two don't allow more than 10%, the difference between the phase current average in order to ensure the safe operation of the motor.If more than suggests that the motor has a fault, you must find out the reason out in a timely manner.
4. Check the temperature of the motor
To regularly check the bearing of the motor, stator, shell temperature in areas such as the presence of abnormal changes, especially for voltage, current and frequency monitoring and no motor overload protection, surveillance of temperature is more important.If found near motor bearing temperature is too high, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check.Bearings of rolling element and raceway surface crack, scratch or damage, the bearing clearance is too large, the inner ring on the shaft rotation, etc.In any of these phenomena, must update the rear bearing can work all right.
5. The test motor vibration, noise and abnormal smell
If the motor vibration, can cause part connected to the load is not higher concentricity, form the motor load increases, overload operation, will be burning motor.As a result, the motor in operation, especially in high power motor more often should check the foundation bolt, the motor end cover, bearing gland is loose, such as whether the grounding device, reliable and timely solve the problems found.
That is about the magnetic separator machine maintenance related introduction, hope can help to you.

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