Laser welding process

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The welding process has high precision, high production speed, good surface finish, and beautiful appearance. So in the glasses, hardware, electronics, jewelry, bathroom and other precision welding industry is widely used in the welding industry.
Laser welding process
The process is expected to have excellent directivity, high brightness, high strength, high color, high coherence and other characteristics of laser beam radiation to the processing of the surface area, laser beam passes through an optical focusing system, the power density of the laser focus 104-107W/cm2, by laser and the interaction being welded, in a very short period of time the welding formed a highly concentrated heat source area, heat energy to be welded zone melting, cooling, crystallizing solid solder joint and weld formation.
Laser welding process
According to the laser and how they work, commonly used welding method has two kinds, a kind is pulsed laser welding, is mainly used for single point fixed continuous and thin materials, welding, welding forming one round solder joint; another is continuous laser welding, mainly for large thick pieces of welding and cutting and welding process in the formation of a continuous weld.
Laser welding process
In the welding process, the position of the laser focus is one of the key control parameters, under certain laser power and welding speed, focus only in best position in order to obtain the maximum penetration depth and good weld shape.
Laser welding process
Laser welding process has the following advantages:
1) Laser beam with high power density, resulting in fast welding speed, small deformation, can be welded titanium, quartz and other materials difficult to weld;1) laser beam with high power density, resulting in fast welding speed, small deformation, can be welded titanium, quartz and other materials difficult to weld;
2) Easy to beam transmission and control, without the need to replace the torch and nozzle, reduce downtime, improve production efficiency.
3) The cooling speed is fast, the seam strength is high, and the comprehensive performance is good.
Laser welding process
Above is the laser welding process to help you hope to be able to help!

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