Laser welding and SHS welding technique

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Is a non-contact welding, laser welding process without pressure, welding speed, high efficiency, deep, residual stress and deformation is small.
1, is a non-contact welding, laser welding process without pressure, welding speed, high efficiency, deep, residual stress and deformation is small, can be at room temperature or under special conditions, such as a closed space for welding, welding equipment is simple, do not produce x-rays.
Laser welding and SHS welding technique
2, can be welding refractory materials such as high melting point metal, and even can be used for non-metallic materials such as ceramic, organic glass welding, special-shaped material welding, good effect, and has a lot of flexibility, can for welding inaccessible parts of the non-contact remote welding.
3, the laser beam is focused on the small light spot can be obtained, because is not affected by magnetic field and can accurate positioning, therefore, can be micro welding, suitable for mass production automation of micro, small artifacts in the compound.
Laser welding and SHS welding technique
4, easy to realize laser light beam according to time and space, you can switch device to transfer the laser beam for multiple workstations, therefore, can perform multiple beam machining and transfer at the same time, provides a more precise welding conditions.
5, laser welding for non-contact processing, there is no loss of tools and tool change, at the same time, it does not need to use electrodes, so there is no concern of electrode pollution or damage to, and easy to make high-speed welding automation.Also can be digital or computer control.
Laser welding and SHS welding technique
Above is about laser welding and SHS welding technology is introduced, the hope can help to you.

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