Large forgings forging drawing out the new process

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As the steel needed for petroleum chemical industry, energy, the increase of weight, size, the weight of the ingot increases, prevent or reduce the inside of the steel ingot metallurgy defects become more difficult.On the other hand, due to the increase of ingot size weight, hydraulic press tonnage in relatively reduced, the quality of forgings standard is rising again.With the traditional upsetting technology, drawing out to break the inside of the steel ingot casting within the organization, repair metallurgical defects can not meet the requirements of the quality of forgings.Long pull, upsetting is the most widely used in large forgings forging two work steps, pull long compared with upsetting, as part of the small billet deformation, deformation, stress high defect area;So long pull is broken casting organization, repair the metallurgical defects main work step.Here is a new technology of large forgings forging drawing out: concave anvil drawing out the new process.
Large forgings forging drawing out the new process
Forging deformation in the process, because of the influence of friction and temperature gradient near the tool and the contact area of the forging stock always exist without a big or small a difficult deformation zone.Difficult deformation zone size and shape of the deformation distribution within the forging and had great effects on stress state, and thus affects the quality of forgings.Drawing long, near the anvil and the contact area of the forging stock difficult deformation zone, its pressure under the direction and the vertical axis, as a result of the ingot metallurgy defects exist near along the axis, pull long step, should be formed along the axis of a nearby area large deformation and stress state of good, is advantageous to the ingot metallurgy defects repair.Forging billet and anvil contact area is difficult to exactly the deformation area of the deformation characteristics of long step requirements, on the basis of an analysis of the deformation, when the forging stock and anvil of the contact area is difficult deformation zone, is the core area deformation is big;On the basis of an analysis of the stress, pull long step, because just end constraint, beware of metal flow velocity is big, to maintain the continuity of the up and down between deformation zones must through just end block near the axis of the flow of metal, thereby having a larger heart of axial compressive stress.Therefore, in the forging stock and the anvil of the contact area is difficult deformation zone is good for repair of steel ingot metallurgy defects, and difficult to deformation zone, the greater the effect more apparent.According to the above analysis, the anvil is changed to the middle of bottom plane slightly concavity of the surface, can increase the anvil ascend a difficult deformation zone.The anvil underside of concave surface long pull technology, called concave anvil long pull.Research proves that the concave anvil long pull in loose compaction and closed void volume are better than ordinary anvil long pull.Compared with other existing special forging methods, concave anvil long pull has the advantages of convenient application, wide applicable scope.

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