Introduction to the preparation equipment of strong magnetic magnetic separator

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Ore dressing equipment of strong magnetic magnetic separator is mainly used for strong magnetic iron ore separation.This section only introduce two types of specifications related to the nonmetal ore sorting weak magnetic field magnetic separator, magnetic roller and permanent magnet drum separator, the former for large and thick ore mineral dry sorting, which is used in the wet separation fine ore.
This is made of stainless steel or copper, aluminum and other magnetic material roller.Equipped with circular magnetic system inside, the axial N, S alternating magnetic polarity, along the circumferential direction is constant.Magnetic is fixed on the shaft, the shaft with micro roller rotation, the magnetic system is composed of permanent magnet magnetic piece of pairing.Its structure is simple, can be directly installed in belt conveyor head, can also be configured to separate dry magnetic separator.
Introduction to the preparation equipment of strong magnetic magnetic separator
Ore evenly on to tape, when ore through magnetic roller, non-magnetic or weak magnetic ore under the action of centrifugal force and gravity from tape, thrown into the non-magnetic mineral magnetic particles by magnetic effect is strong suction on the tape, with the tape movement, the roller bottom tape left roller straight due to the decrease of the magnetic field strength of fall into the magnetic products.
Magnetic roller for more ore magnetic separation, the feed granularity is 75 ~ 10 mm, large magnetic roller cone feed particle size is 300 mm, is a preliminary enrichment equipment, still needs further processing of rough concentrate can be obtained and the final tailings.In non-metallic mineral processing is mainly used for removing broken and infiltrated in the coarse grinding machinery iron.Above the ore dressing equipment strong magnetic magnetic separator made a simple introduction.