Hydraulic pump, plunger pump damage

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After a certain period, the plunger pump parts will gradually wear and tear as well as damage, will reduce the motion accuracy and performance of the pump, the hydraulic hit up, reducing the amount of oil, increased noise, vibration increases and other unusual the resulting phenomenon.
Hydraulic pump in daily use, the installation of the pump, oil, operation of the exclusion of failure if you can master, hydraulic pump parts wear or avoid damage can be greatly eased.
Hydraulic pump, plunger pump damage
Reasons for damage of hydraulic pump
(1) wear and tear
The wear of hydraulic pump parts, like any part of the equipment, is the inevitable result of the mechanical operation. Under normal conditions of use, due to friction and chemical reaction and other factors, the long-term effect of wear and tear, which belongs to the natural wear and tear. This wear is not eliminated and avoided, but through careful maintenance and proper use of the pump, wear can be delayed, prolonged wear cycle.
The causes and phenomena of wear are the following:
1.Friction and wear
Parts surface in manufacturing after carefully with a magnifying glass observation, always rugged. The operation of the hydraulic pump wear after, parts of the surface will shed the metal particles and rugged parts of the surface is relatively smooth, and later to friction, deep marks or size of grinding can produce, which belongs to the normal nature of friction and wear. Abrasive wear.
Hydraulic pump, plunger pump damage
2.Abrasive wear
Because the components with the surface of a solid particulate pollutants, according to the analysis on the hydraulic pump oil pollutants, of which there are more than 20% of the pollution particles is silica and metal oxides, pump parts, wear the most serious composition is that, on the surface of the moving parts in the middle of the clip with these substances, when on the move, grinding effect, severe mill grain wear will the resulting.
3.Crater wear
This is a kind of hydraulic components due to fatigue damage. Under the effect of alternating load, produce cycles of compression and deformation, residual stress and metal fatigue will the resulting. The results in parts produced tiny cracks and parts surface stone piece, a small piece of spalling will slowly.
4.Corrosive wear
Acids in oil, water and other corrosive substances will cause erosion of the original surface of the hydraulic pump, and gradually cause damage to the surface of the metal.
Hydraulic pump, plunger pump damage
Fails to comply with hydraulic pump operation procedures and maintenance requirements to operate, causing serious overload, super speed parts would be produced pine advised and shedding in the pump, still forced to start, or demolition repair after reloading, tools and other objects fall into pump medium causes the hydraulic pump parts damage phenomenon.
Hydraulic pump, plunger pump damage
The above is about the hydraulic pump, plunger pump in the daily use of damage caused by the reason, hope to help everyone.