How to suppress is turbine fixed ball valve standards

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Turbine fixed ball valve in some artificial environment shell test and seal test process is as follows.
Turbine fixed ball valve features: the double block and discharge using floating seat spring preload turbine can be fixed ball valve, when the valve is in full open and close, under the condition of two different fluid blocking by upstream and downstream side of the seat, and the discharge valve will have the effect of discharge valve body lumen stranded content.
 How to suppress is turbine fixed ball valve standards
Turbine fixed ball valve automatic relief function: when the abnormal pressure is caused by the temperature rise of stop valve body cavity medium, only the seat function can realize automatic pressure release, and completely do not need through the relief valve for pressure relief, which, when conveying liquid medium security is greatly increased.
Fire safety structure: follow API607 and API6FA specification requires that the design and manufacture of valves, must have the function of fire safety is set up.
 How to suppress is turbine fixed ball valve standards
Turbine fixed ball seal urgent on the rescue: when the seat in a fire or medium the plugging the seal of accidental failure caused by foreign body fat and grease gun will quickly injection valve is connected, it will in the shortest possible time to make the sealing seat sealing grease injection, and to a great extent, alleviate the leak.
Reliable stem seal box: low operating torque in the standard seal ring set, "O" type sealing ring is designed on the packing gland, so that the reliability of the stem seal is greatly enhanced.Under the effect of graphite packing and sealing grease injection, once appear fire, the valve stem leakage will be dropped to the lowest degree, the degree of the stem under the dual role of sliding bearing and thrust bearing, the operation of the valve will become quite simple and convenient.
 How to suppress is turbine fixed ball valve standards
Turbine fixed ball valve full size or reducing: full size valve flow aperture in the design and pipe diameter can keep the same size, so that the pipeline cleaning task becomes very simple, also can choose according to demand full size or reducing the use of structure.
Stem can be lengthened: for such as gas or in the city need to spread the specific requirements of the underground pipeline, the valve stem can be extended, so that to meet customer demand.8, turbine fixed ball valve operation is flexible, using a small friction coefficient and good self-lubrication bearing seat and stem, greatly reducing valve operating torque.So even in the case of the provided no sealing grease, is also a long-term mobility to operate the valve.

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