How to prepare magnetic separator roller maintenance

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Magnetic separation pause if owners through the rare metal drum powerful magnetic filtered from the ores, as the most prone to wear and tear parts, magnetic separator drum drum surface as a result of the work has been in the process of mineral powder scour, wear is quite serious.
When magnetic separator roller severe wear, may result in bearing damage, even affect the whole beneficiation production line of normal production, therefore, on a regular basis for maintenance is to avoid magnetic separator magnetic separator drum drum the important condition of severe wear.Domestic well-known magnetic separator manufacturers hongxing machine for the maintenance of drum of magnetic separator mainly adopts the three ways.
How to prepare magnetic separator roller maintenance
1, small maintenance
According to their own conditions for small-scale maintenance should be performed once every six months.Specific maintenance content is: do not remove the cleaning barrel body gear, (cycloid gear or planetary wheel) and the support, parts and components, operation to replace oil cooling and lubrication, etc.
2, moderate scale maintenance
According to the practical usage to ensure that at least once a year to maintain a moderate scale.Remove the bearing, the end cover, cylinder and transmission, cleaning cylinder body, check the gear, cycloid gear and bearing wear.Check the mechanical parts, keys, key whether deformation, oil seal for wear and tear, etc.
How to prepare magnetic separator roller maintenance
3, large-scale maintenance
Should be serviced once every two years.Maintenance including all components and the content of the inspection, repair or replacement, all oil-immersed electric cylinder oil, must be strictly in accordance with the instructions specified in the oil use, the user may not arbitrarily change the oil, to prevent motor burn out.
Magnetic separation machine maintenance and maintenance work, based on a regular basis, we have no time to manage, so to some potential problems and, in turn, to solve the problem in the largest extent, so it can in maximum extent, reduce the equipment failure caused by the economic losses.