How to distinguish between nodular cast iron and cast steel valve valves

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 How to distinguish between nodular cast iron and cast steel valve valves

Nodular cast iron and cast steel valve will be screw up a lot of people, don't know which is which, the following is to introduce the difference between these two kinds of valves.
1. See nodular cast iron and cast steel valve how to distinguish the machining surface of grey: it is gray, the luster is very dark, the surface is rough.Ductile iron, grey, luster is grey iron bright, surface roughness of grey.
 How to distinguish between nodular cast iron and cast steel valve valves
2. Grey filing test: filing resistance is small, "shua shua" during a filing, rarely stick file, sawdust is a film, have a small amount of silver bright spot, studied the grain size is differ, give priority to with small particles at the end of the fine, grinding with finger, it is easy to darken the fingers.Ductile iron: when filing resistance slightly larger than the ash, also has the obvious "shua shua" sound, very few sticky file, sawdust is a film, a fine bright spots, particle size, but is given priority to with large particles, grinding with finger sawdust, can make the fingers stained black, but the degree of grey iron dark to light.
 How to distinguish between nodular cast iron and cast steel valve valves
3. Listen to the beat of grey: voice, a very short duration.Ductile iron: crisp, lingering sound, short duration.
Above is about ductile iron and cast steel valve difference related introduction, hope can help to you.

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