How to determine the types of ball valve

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Different cases, the ball valve types and models of choice.
How to determine the types of ball valve
1) Oil, natural gas transportation director line, need to clean the pipeline, and to be buried in the ground, selection of full size, full welded ball valve structure;Buried in the ground, choose the full size welded ball valve connection or flange connection;Branch, choose flange connection, welding connection, full size or reducing valves.
2) Product oil pipeline and storage equipment, use flange connection of the ball.
3) City of coal gas and natural gas pipelines, selection of flange connection and internal thread connection of floating ball valves.
How to determine the types of ball valve
4) Metallurgical system on the oxygen in the pipeline system, appropriate chooses strict degreasing process, flange connection of the fixed ball ball valve.
5) The piping system and device of medium to low temperature, appropriate chooses and cryogenic ball valve bonnet.
6) Refining unit of catalytic cracking unit of piping system, can choose lifting lever type ball valve.
How to determine the types of ball valve
7) Chemical system in acid and alkali corrosive medium, such as equipment and piping system, appropriate chooses system made of austenite, ptfe for seat sealing ball valves.
8) Metallurgical system, electric power system, petrochemical plant, city heating system in high temperature medium pipeline system or device, can choose a metal to metal sealed ball valve.
9) The need for flow control, can choose the worm gear and worm drive, pneumatic or electric regulating ball valve with v-shaped opening.
How to determine the types of ball valve
Above is ball valve kinds of determination method, the hope can help to you.