How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment

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Measuring magnetic separator magnetic field strength meter have tesla meter (previously called gauss meter) and fluxmeter.Tesla meter using the method is simple, high measurement precision, is currently the most widely used instrument measuring magnetic field intensity, so this paper mainly introduces using the tesla meter measuring magnetic field intensity (or magnetic induction intensity).
How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment
Tesla meter consists of headers and probe, in a semiconductor wafer probe, when the magnetic field lines along the direction perpendicular to the semiconductor chip bedding face of B through, I through the current along the length or width direction at the same time, in the direction perpendicular to the direction and the magnetic field and current produced on the two ends of the voltage V, this phenomenon is known as the hall effect, as shown in figure 1.When the current I in constant voltage V is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field B, to measure the voltage V, after the transformation, carved on meter dial magnetic induction intensity value, can directly read out the probe of the magnetic induction intensity values.
How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment
Measurement methods: to make the measuring point location accurate, before the measurement should be according to the shape of magnetic pole production model (with organic glass or wood) station.Draw the location of measuring points on the model, in the drilling of observation points for measuring probe into the hole.Measuring content generally includes: magnetic department at different positions on each section of the magnetic field strength, each section to measure each point on the surface of the magnetic pole of a certain distance from magnetic field intensity and magnetic pole space magnetic field intensity, etc.For example, a permanent magnet drum magnetic separator magnetic field strength measuring method is as follows:
How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment
(1) choose the cylinder axis three sections: one in the middle, the other two sections were taken from the 200 mm at each end.
(2) to measure the cylinder surface several key points on each section of the magnetic field intensity, general each pole and the edge of a total of three middle points (magnetic edge happened to 2 point), a gap between one point, if the number of n, the number of measuring point n = [2 + 3 n - (n - 1)] = 4 n - 3.Such as 3 pole magnetic system for 9 points, 4 pole magnetic system for 13 points, and so on.
(3) the above key points from each section on the tube surface distance measure 3 ~ 5 points.Such as from the cylinder surface 10, 20, 30, 40 mm mm mm mm, 50 mm each point, as shown in figure 2.
(4) the average magnetic field intensity of cylinder surface of the measured points on behalf of the magnetic field intensity on the surface of the cylinder, in the same way, from the cylinder surface of a certain height of each point of the magnetic field strength on behalf of the surface of the average magnetic field intensity.
How the magnetic field strength measurement of magnetic separation equipment
Before measuring the cylinder (and magnetic department), height so that the measurement is appropriate.Straight down at this point magnetic systems, but can't see the pole, outside the cylinder measuring point location is not allowed, but outside the cylinder sprinkle with iron powder, magnetic pole edge attract more iron powder, magnetic pole shape can be displayed.If there is no iron powder, also can use iron to find points, nails can stand in the center of the cylinder surface place is pole (or extremely gap center), find the exact location with chalk or brush after branding, then measure point by point.

That is how to measure related to the intensity of magnetic field in magnetic separation equipment, hope to be able to help you.

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