How much do you know about valves ?

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Today pls let me introduce Fully Welded Ball Valve emphatically :
About welded ball valve
1) What is Fully Welded Ball Valve ?
Ball Valve is evolved from plug valve,with the same opening and closing action.The difference is the Valve core rotator is not a plug but a ball. When ball rotated to 90 degrees,the inlet and outlet all shows ball surface,then to truncate the flow.
About welded ball valve
2) What is the characteristics of the ball valve?
a. The body is composed of welding steel pipe.
b. The ball pad adopt to reinforced ptfe.
c.  The valve stem adopt explosion proof design.
d.  Temperature range: 60-200 ℃.
e.  Drive mode: manual or turbine drive
f.   Inspection standard: Api 598.
About welded ball valve
What is the advantage of Fully welded Ball Valve ?
a. There will be no external leakage etc.
b. There are advanced computer processing detector during the machinig process, so the ball is with highly machining accuracy.
c.  Due to the body materials is the same as pipe materials,it won't happen uneven stress,either nor deformation,pipe resist maturing strongly.
d.  According to the request of construct and design of pipeline to adjust the length of body and the height of valve stem.
e.  Adopting advanced raw materials, to keep more than PN25's pressure.
f.  Compared with similar industry of the same specification products, the body is small, and beautiful.
g. Based on standard operation ,the service life could be more than 15 years.
About welded ball valve0
Are there a lot of advantages of Fully Welded Ball Valve ? Do you want to get some from us ?