How much do you know about valves ? Series 2

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Today let us talk about the classificaitons of valves :
classificaitons of valves
1. According to the pressure 
1).Vacuum valve- pressure is lower than the standard atmospheric pressure of the valve. 
2).Low pressure-nominal pressure valve of PN is less than 1.6 MPa. 
3).Medium pressure valve-nominal pressure valve of PN is 2.5 ~ 6.4 MPa. 
4).High pressure valve-nominal pressure valve PN is 10.0 ~ 80.0 MPa. 
5).Super high pressure valve-nominal pressure valve of PN is greater than 100 Mpa.
classificaitons of valves
2.According to the medium temperature
1).High temperature valve - more than 450 'C. 
2).Medium temperature valve -120'C≤t≤450'C 
3).Room temperature valve - 40'C≤t≤120 'C
4).Cryogenic valve - 100'C≤t≤-40 'C
5).Super Cryogenic valves - less than -100 'C.
classificaitons of valves
3. According to the valve body material 
1).Metallic materials - such as carbon steel valves, cast steel valve, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron valve, the titanium alloy valve and monel alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy valve , lead alloy. 
2).Metal body lining valves - such as  fluoroplastics lining valve ,rubber lining valves, valve lining, lead lined valves, valve lining enamel valve. 
3).Nonmetallic material valve - such as ceramics, plastics, glass fiber reinforced       plastic valve.
classificaitons of valves
4.According to the manipulation method
1).Manual valves-The hand wheel, handle, lever, sprocket, gear, worm gear, etc.,by the human in order to control the valve. 
2).Electric valves-with the power to manipulate the valve. 
3).Pneumatic valve-Use compressed air to control the valve. 
4).Hydraulic valve-With the aid of liquids such as water, oil, transmission of external forces to manipulate the valve.
classificaitons of valves
These are classificaitons of valves
 description, hoping to help to you.