High magnetic separator you maintain so?

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Magnetic separator should be a lot of people can use, but how many people are there in the daily maintenance of machine will attach importance to it, let's take a look at what is the daily maintenance of magnetic separator.
1, clean parts.Cleaning including filling pipe, groove box, and the body surface clean.When cleaning do not use sharp or magnetic objects, myself also don't carry the door CARDS, bank CARDS, mobile phone items, lest cause degaussing and other unnecessary loss.
 High magnetic separator you maintain so?
2, lubrication.Each bearing lubricating oil to add and replace, add a general use, replaced every three months, pay attention to the brand lubricants, don't mix.
Finally, to deal with the problems and faults in the operation of last time, completes the registration and record.
In daily routine check is static management, need do detail, like high magnetic separator a hundreds of thousands of, have the troubleshooting and maintenance will be a waste of time and money, delay the progress.More information on high-strength magnetic separator thought, welcome consultation.