Have you ever seen such flange forging?

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Forging the use of large diameter flange range although there is no common flange widely, but it is also due to the difference of using the environment can be divided into different kinds.The most common in the field of mechanical manufacturing large diameter flange there are two main types, namely, flat welding flange, flange and butt weld ends with flat welding flange production the most.The two flange structure difference is bigger, use scope also has its own specific.
Flat welding flange is much less rigid than the butt welding flange, so it used the occasion of high temperature and pressure also without the latter, butt welding flange has another name called high neck flange, for large diameter flange sealing surface of the industry is mainly divided into planar and concave and convex type, mainly in the production of flange, is according to the different use of large diameter flange environment and temperature level to determine its sealing surface forms.
Have you ever seen such flange forging
Production technology of large diameter flange has a variety of ways, common for forging and casting.These two approaches in terms of production process and production process is completely different, and also to have certain characteristics.
Casting of large diameter flange production efficiency is high, as long as the size of the casting blank to produce qualified flange precision will be higher.Also casting production cost is low do not need to devote too much human resources.The biggest investment lies in mould making.But compared with forging flange its carbon content is higher, so more than the latter is easy to rust, mechanical properties and forging flange is not urgent.
Have you ever seen such flange forging
Forging of large diameter flange material is more balanced, not easy and inclusion, temperature, so the performance comparison and its tensile strength is higher, its shape shaping force is stronger at the same time.
That is about how to process in large diameter flange in the forging process of some introduction, hope to be able to help you.