Forging way

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According to the movement of the forging die, forging pendulum is rolling, can divide again for rotary forging, roll forging, cross wedge rolling, ring rolling and skew rolling, etc.Pendulum is rolling, forging and ring rolling forging process is also available.In order to improve the utilization rate of material, forging and rolling can be used as a long and thin materials before processing.With the rotation of the free forging forging is also the local forming, its advantage is compared with the size of forging, forging force also can realize form smaller cases.Including free forging, the way of forging and processing the materials from the mold surface near to the free surface extension, therefore, it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy, so will the movement direction of the forging die and spin blacksmith sequence with computer control, a lower forging force are available on complex shape, high precision products, such as the production of many varieties, large size of the turbine blade forgings.
Forging way
Mould forging equipment movement and the degrees of freedom are not consistent, according to the characteristics of bottom dead center deformation limit, forging equipment can be divided into the following four forms:
1, restrict the forging force forms: hydraulic direct drive the slider of the hydraulic press.
2, quasi stroke limit way: hydraulic driving crank connecting rod mechanism of hydraulic press.
3, stroke limit way: drive the slider crank, connecting rod and wedge system of mechanical press.
4, energy limit way: using the spiral screw mechanism and the friction press.
Forging way
In order to obtain high accuracy should pay attention to prevent overload bottom dead center, control the speed and mould.Because the tolerance, the shape precision of forgings and forging die life.In addition, in order to maintain accuracy, but also should pay attention to adjust the slider guide clearance, ensure rigidity, adjust the bottom dead center and utilization measures of transmission device.
Slide block and slider vertical and horizontal movement (used in slightness piece forging parts, lubrication, cooling and high-speed production forging) mode, compensating device can be used to increase the other direction of movement.This way is different, the forging force, process, material utilization ratio, yield, size tolerance and lubrication cooling way is different, these factors also affect the level of automation.