Forging process of automobile axle shaft blank

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Below small make up to introduce the introduction of the forging process of automobile axle shaft blank.
1. Process improvement
Under the condition of the original process, due to the quenching temperature is low, a large amount of alloy carbides dissolved, so after quenching hardness is low, only 20 ~ 25 HRC, make through the secondary hardening tempering hardness reached more than 30 HRC, such mould toughness can be, but after work soon appear thermal fatigue, thermal wear serious, life is not high.
Forging process of automobile axle shaft blank
Improvement process to improve the quenching temperature, the carbide alloy has a lot of dissolved, but formed during tempering diffuse distribution of hard phase in great quantities, cause mould although fatigue resistance increased, but the impact toughness is decreased, the mold after the use of more than 100 JianCi split into 3 pieces.The plan won't work.
Again after improvement process, after fully preheat, interrupted quenching after high temperature insulation 0.5 h, after high temperature tempering to complete the organization transformation and eliminating stress and low temperature tempering to eliminate residual stress, make the mould surface with high fatigue resistance, and the core has good impact toughness.So after processing mould has reached the high temperature strength and impact toughness of best match, improve the service life.
Forging process of automobile axle shaft blank
2. The improvement effect
After the application of the final improvement process, mill of hot extrusion is placed throughout the service life of forging die with improved 2 ~ 3 times.
By comparing three kinds of technology, we analyzed the influence factors of using conditions, combined with the actual selected the performance to meet the best matching process, make the service life of die is improved, to satisfy the use requirement, reduce the mould cost.
Forging process of automobile axle shaft blank
That is some introduction of automotive half shaft blank forging, hope can help to you.