Forging of dangerous and harmful factors

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In forging production easy injury accident happened, according to its reason can be divided into three kinds:
(1) mechanical damage.In the manufacturing process of forging, machinery and equipment, tools, or abnormal selection and use of workpiece, the illegal operation, etc., can lead to mechanical damage.Such as forging hammer hammer wounded;Fly forgings hurt;Auxiliary tool for flying wounded;Die, punch dozen fracture, damage to hurt;Raw material, forging, etc in the process of transportation cause of parts;Lever wounded, hammer rod fracture of the wounded, etc.
Forging of dangerous and harmful factors
(2) the fire explosion.Red blank, forging and splash scale once encounter flammable items, easy to cause fire and explosion accidents.
(3) burning hot.Forging billet heating to 800 ~ 1 200 ℃, the operator once in contact with the red blank, forging and splash scale, etc., will surely get burnt.
Forging of dangerous and harmful factors
Heating furnace of occupational hazards and scorching artifacts radiation of heat energy, using a variety of fuel combustion flame furnace slag, dust, for these if not ventilation purification measures, will work environment pollution and worsening working conditions, easy to cause accident.
Forging of dangerous and harmful factors
(1) the noise and vibration.Forging hammer impact billet with great force, the strong low frequency noise and vibration of the hearing loss can cause worker or vibration disease.
(2) ChenDu hazards.Various fuel combustion flame furnace using production of slag, dust, poisonous and harmful substances in air dust particles.
(3) the thermal radiation.Heating furnace and the heat radiation of heat energy of workpiece.
This is dangerous and harmful factors existing in the forging, hope everybody can pay attention to.