Forged steel gate valve maintenance methods

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In recent years, with the development of the national economy, forged steel gate valve industry such as an important part of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, has a very important role.Forged steel gate valve is widely used in industry, not only its influence in the civil field has also been gradually expanding.Today, small make up take you for understanding forged steel gate valve maintenance methods.
Forged steel gate valve maintenance methods
Forged steel gate valve maintenance methods:
1, forged steel gate to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, then stop the motor.
2, forged steel gate valve in a long time and in the winter season, can be used after parking, the lower part of pump body must be drain plug unscrewed the net medium.To prevent the frost crack.(please the body wash clean with clear water, sewage)
3, earnest listen motor running voice is unusual, because the runtime engine room noise is larger, can use a screwdriver or auxiliary tools such as listening to stick, stick close to motor at both ends, if you often listen to, can not only find bad vibration motor and drag equipment, even can determine how much internal bearing oil, so as to timely to add oil bearing, or replace new bearing the corresponding measures to deal with, avoid motor bearing oil shortage dry grinding and blocked, cylindrical, bore burn out.
Forged steel gate valve maintenance methods
4, check the forged steel gate valve line and junction have loose phenomenon.Turn the forged steel gate valve by hand or tool, and proved forged steel gate valve is flexible.
5, try to control the flow and head of forged steel gate, within the scope of the specified on the sign to ensure forged steel gate valve at the highest point of operation efficiency, to achieve maximum energy saving effect.
6, forged steel gate valves in the process of operation, the bearing temperature cannot exceed ambient temperature 35 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
7, in case of abnormal sound of a forged steel gate valve should immediately stop check.
8, if conveying fluid is corrosive suggest choose stainless steel forged steel gate valve or fluorine plastic forged steel gate valve products.
Above is the maintenance method of relevant data on forged steel gate valve, hope can help to you.