Flange material of flange welding process

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Flange , also called Flange plate or Flange.The flange is connected between the pipe and pipe parts, used for the connection between the tube;Also useful on equipment import and export of the flange, used for the connection between the two devices, such as reducer flange.Flange connection or flange connection, it is to point to by the flanges, gaskets and bolts are mutually connected as a set of sealing structure detachable connection.Today, small make up flange welding and related knowledge is to tell you about, look at the flange material.
Flange material of flange welding process
The flange material
WCB (carbon steel), LCB (low temperature carbon steel), LC3 (3.5% nickel steel), WC5 (1.25% 0.5% chrome molybdenum steel), WC9 chromium (2.25%), C5 (5% 5% chromium molybdenum), C12 molybdenum chromium (9% 1%), CA6NM (4 (12% chromium steel), CA15 (4) (12% chromium), CF8M stainless steel (316), CF8C stainless steel (347), CF8 stainless steel (304), CF3 (304 l stainless steel), CF3M (316 l stainless steel), CN7M (alloy), (monel), N7M M35-1 (B) hastert nickel alloy, CW6M nickel alloy C (haas tower), CY40 (for nickel alloy), etc.
The flange welding process
The required equipment
A set of manual arc welding equipment, lever Angle a grinding machines, electric hammer, flat feet.
Weld preparation
1. Check the debugging equipment, to ensure normal operation of equipment;
2. Prepare phi 4.0 J402 electrode had better be in 300 ℃ to 350 ℃ drying for one hour.
Flange material of flange welding process
Welding process
1, assemble the vertebral bodies and large flange together according to the requirements of drawings, then average the large flange is divided into eight equal parts.
2, welding flange thicker, because groove is larger, so the piecewise symmetric, multi-layer welding.
Weld quality
Weld strength at least reach the parent metal strength requirements.Weld surface level off is smooth, without burning through, porosity, welding, slag inclusion, bite side, weld defects such as full.High is less than 2 mm.
Flange material of flange welding process
Matters needing attention
1, when the render must use J506 electrode manual welding, welding and a small current.In strict accordance with the welding process.
2, in after each welding one location, with a spirit level card the deformation of the flange plane.
3, while welding with pneumatic hammer hammer weld, to eliminate the effect of stress.
Above is the flange material welding and related contents of introduction, hope will be helpful to you.

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