Factors influencing the magnetic separation pause the other

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Factors influencing the magnetic separator optional don't associated with magnetic separator magnetic pulley, magnetic pulley is stem what?Dry separation after magnetic pulley commonly used in ore coarse crushing and ultimately broken products into the ground before seeding.Main function is to get rid of useless waste rock, improve the ore grade of into the grinding machine, decrease into the grinding of grinding machine, thus reducing the grinding cost.To know the cost of grinding in the ore dressing production proportion reached 60% ~ 70%, and the dry separation magnetic pulley can be sell in advance the tail mineral rate is as high as 15% ~ 20%.
So are the major factors affecting magnetic pulley choose other then what?Does the factor of ore, the operation factors, and is the factor of magnetic separator equipment itself:
Factors influencing the magnetic separation pause the other
(1) ore particle size is determined by the magnetic properties of magnetic pulley, if big magnetic pulley specification, the depth of an applied magnetic field, the particle size can be larger.Such as tanggang iron ore of golem from mill before large magnetic pulley, included in the largest size is 350 mm, magnetic pulley specifications for phi 1250 mm * 1400 mm, magnetic system adopts rare earth permanent magnet, the cylinder surface field strength is very high.In similar circumstances have failed and the mountain, the zhangs' depression, westone door, jade and ideas from nagisa concentrator, etc.Diameter of 800 mm below the selected granularity of magnetic pulley limit shall generally be 75 mm, this magnetic pulley in iron ore dressing plant in our country.But magnetic pulley fine grained material the effect not beautiful, especially for 0.5 mm powder sorting effect is poorer.Ore magnetic rate is high, the selecting indexes are good.Ore magnetic rate is low, quantity of waste rock, waste rock grade rise, homework recovery rate decline.Mineral water is high (> 3%) the result is bad, reduced the volume of waste rock, may be due to the moisture content is high bonding force between the material increases, loose is bad.According to experience, undressed ore moisture should not exceed 2.5%.
Factors influencing the magnetic separation pause the other
(2) ore plate location should make it adjustable, ore properties or require separation index is different, have different points and the location of the ore board, need to take a test to determine.Feed amount and material layer thickness is associated with the biggest size, material layer is thin, effect is better, when the thickness of material layer 2 times more than the biggest granularity, separation index variation.If the slot type belt conveyor transport ore, before entering the magnetic pulley, rake mechanism should be set up to material steak pp.47-53 thin layer selected, the effect is good.Otherwise ore heap in the middle of the belt, the magnetic field of magnetic pulley most failed to use, interfere with each other and heap together in ore sorting the effect not beautiful.
Factors influencing the magnetic separation pause the other
(3) the higher the magnetic field intensity, flung out the grade of the waste rock is lower, operation recovery rate is higher.In recent years, with fewer mineral resources, ore is precious, many mill have to switch to high field intensity magnetic pulley, in order to reduce the waste rock grade.Some mill waste rock on the original magnetic pulley chosen again by magnetic pulley of scavenging, also get the same result.The speed of the magnetic pulley decided to tape speed, this speed: degree is higher, the ore by centrifugal force, the greater the amount of waste rock thrown is larger;And the speed hours, waste rock thrown ejection Angle is small, waste rock yield decreased.

Above is the information about the factors influencing the magnetic separation pause other, hope to be able to help you.

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