Electromagnetic valve common faults and Solutions

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Solenoid valve in the use of the process will be a number of small faults, it is a headache, the following small series for us to sum up some of the common faults of the solenoid valve and the solution.
 Electromagnetic valve common faults and Solutions
1.Coil short circuit or open circuit:
Detection method: the first measurement of the on-off with a multimeter, resistance results tend to be close to zero or infinity, that proves winding short circuit or open circuit. If the resistance measurement results of the normal (probably dozens of European), can not be said coil is without fault, please perform the following final test: a metal rod in the electromagnetic valve coil near put a small screwdriver, then the electromagnetic valve is communicated with the power, if magnetic reflected, so that electromagnetic valve coil is good, otherwise it is bad.
Processing method: change the solenoid valve coil.
 Electromagnetic valve common faults and Solutions
2.Plug / Socket problems:
Failure phenomena:
If there is a plug / socket type electromagnetic valve and a metal reed socket may problems, plug connection, and power could not be sent to the coil. Must have a good habit: the fixed screw on the plug in the socket, after the coil on the fixed nut on the spool.
If the LED power indicator on the solenoid valve coil plug is equipped with, then immediately to connect to, at the time of the solenoid valve is driven by a DC power supply, or indicating lamp does not light. In addition, do not change the use of different voltage levels with light-emitting diode power supply two power supply plug, so that it will burn the light emitting diode or power supply appears short circuit or light-emitting diode light is very weak.
If you don't take the power indicator light, the solenoid valve coil is without distinguishing the polarity of (not like coil voltage DC transistor time relay and the coil connected in parallel with a diode / resistor leakage loop coil voltage is a DC intermediate relay < the intermediate relay to the original Japanese mostly > and need to distinguish between polar).
Processing method: fix wiring error, repair or replace plug and socket.
 Electromagnetic valve common faults and Solutions
Above is a common breakdown of the solenoid valve and the solution of some of the summary, hoping to help to everyone.