Dry magnetic field magnetic separator operating points

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Magnetic separator is the key equipment in ore dressing process, used in recycle powder granule of removing iron powder, etc.Magnetic separator is suitable for the size 3 mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite, wet magnetic separation manganese ore or other materials, also used in coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials in addition to iron.This paper xin hai machinery dry magnetic field magnetic separator's main operating points.
Magnetic separator operating regulation of note is the main factors: the feeding layer thickness (ore), vibration slot vibration velocity, magnetic field intensity and working gap, etc.
 Dry magnetic field magnetic separator operating points
(1) the feeding layer thickness
Feeding layer thickness with processed material particle size and magnetic mineral content.Dealing with coarse grained materials in general than to fine seam to be thicker.When dealing with coarse level, to the material thickness to not exceed the maximum particle size to about 1.5 times of advisable, and processing level feeding layer thickness can reach maximum particle size of 4 times the left and right sides, fine level can reach about 10 times.
There is not much magnetic mineral content in the raw materials, feeding layer should be thin.If too thick, it is in the bottom of the magnetic particles not only by the magnetic force is small, and in addition to itself, the weight of the non-magnetic mineral grains on the pressure, reduce the recovery of magnetic products.Magnetic mineral content, can be appropriate to the bed thickness.
 Dry magnetic field magnetic separator operating points
(2) the magnetic field intensity and working gap
Magnetic field intensity and working clearance is processed with the granularity of raw material, magnetic and requirements there is a close relationship.When work clearance must, between the two poles of the magnetic field strength is decided by the number of ampere turns of coil, the number of turns is not to adjust, so use change current to adjust the size of the magnetic field strength.Magnetic field intensity is determined by the size of the raw materials is magnetic, and requirements.Processing magnetic minerals and stronger selection operation, should use weak magnetic field strength.Processing magnetic minerals and weaker scavenging homework, should adopt the strong magnetic field intensity.
Current, must be change the size of the work can make the magnetic field intensity and magnetic field gradient change at the same time.Therefore the effect of current and working gap is not exactly the same.Reduce the work can make the magnetic field force has increased dramatically.Working gap is determined by the size of the processed raw material particle size and requirements.When dealing with coarse level is big, processing fine level.Scavenging, work clearance adjustment to the minimal as much as possible in order to improve the recovery rate;The larger selection, it is best to work, reduce the degree of inhomogeneous magnetic field distribution between the poles and the increase of magnetic particles, the distance to the disc of tooth to increase the selectivity of separation, improve the grade of magnetic products, but also to appropriately increase current to compensate by increasing work to reduce the magnetic field strength.
 Dry magnetic field magnetic separator operating points
(3) vibration velocity of vibration slot
The vibration of the vibration slot speed decided the time duration of the particles in the magnetic field and size in the mechanical force.Tank vibration frequency and amplitude of vibration is larger, the product of the greater the vibration velocity, particles in the magnetic field the short residence time.Role in the mechanical force on the particles is given priority to with gravity and inertia force, gravity is a constant, inertia force and speed is proportional to the square of the increase and decrease.Weak magnetic minerals in the magnetic field of magnetic force than gravity, therefore, vibration slot if exceed a certain limit, the speed of the surge is due to the inertia force, magnetic force is not enough to put them very good absorption, so weak magnetic minerals in magnetic separator magnetic field movement speed should be lower than the rate of movement of the strong magnetic minerals.
 Dry magnetic field magnetic separator operating points
In general, when selected, the raw material of single mineral, their strong magnetic, vibration slot vibration velocity can be higher;Scavenging, contained in raw materials and even had more body, and even the living body of magnetic weak, in order to improve the recovery rate, vibration slot speed should be lower.Deal with fine grained materials, the frequency of the vibration slot should be slightly higher (for loose ore grain), amplitude is smaller;While dealing with coarse grained materials, the frequency should be slightly lower, amplitude thrown.Appropriate operating conditions shall be in accordance with the requirements of raw material properties and sorting through practice to be sure.
Magnetic separator in the process of practical application according to the actual situation of the production to adjust magnetic separator, ensure normal and stable operation of magnetic separator.

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