Die casting mould maintenance ten principles

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Mold industry should be familiar with die casting mold maintenance ten principles as follows:
1, mold maintenance before, you must keep the last die casting products.
2, comprehensive cleaning mold metal debris everywhere and fouling, cleaning cleaning mold, mold cleaned up.
3, check the die casting products: presence of strain, sticky mold, pressure mindfully, meat, and the change of size, hole location.
Die casting mould maintenance ten principles
4, comprehensive check mold: presence of small core bend or break, any activity core insert location, presence of push rod or push rod length change, presence of edge location, presence of fastening bolt looseness, etc.According to the damage situation, determine the repair or replacement.
5, to lead to casting a mild strain of cavity collapse, crack, impellers, local weld repair, welding repair process operation should be strictly in accordance with procedures.
6, the sliding parts, such as core-pulling mechanism, guide and so on, should make a thorough cleaning, check and maintenance.With high temperature grease lubrication again after assembly.
7, if there is a hydraulic core-pulling, hydraulic parts and mould maintenance at the same time.Hydraulic parts service pay special attention to clean, prevent pollution, otherwise will be the whole die casting machine hydraulic system pollution.
Die casting mould maintenance ten principles
8, when the mould is in manufacturing process failure or damage, should be in accordance with the specific circumstances to determine the repair scheme.The mold must develop a plan of the corresponding maintenance at ordinary times.
9, complete maintenance mould, install the molding surface, the parting surface, surface such as a complete set of mold good antirust processing.Mould in after assembly, right in the planning area, completes the identification, mold accessories and mold must be put together at the same time.
10 a certain mold, mold production time, it should be after annealing treatment, the corresponding heat treatment and surface treatment.
Above is about die casting mould maintenance related introduction, hope can help to you.