Die Casting

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Die Casting

An Overview of Die Casting

Die casting is the manufacturing process of choice when producing high volumes of relatively complex metal parts. Die cast parts are made in steel molds, similar to those used in injection molding, but use low melting point metals such as aluminum and zinc instead of plastics. Die casting is widely used due to its versatility, reliability and accuracy.

To create the die cast part, molten metal is forced into a mold via high hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. These steel molds, or dies, produce extremely complex, high tolerance parts in a repeatable process. More metal parts are made by die casting than by any other casting process.

Modern die casting methods such as squeeze casting and semi-solid metal casting result in high quality parts for nearly every industry. Die casting companies will often specialize in casting either aluminum, zinc or magnesium, with aluminum making up roughly 80% of die cast parts.