Classification and advantages of closed die forging

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Open die forging in the production, there will be flying around the edge of the forging, such a large increase in material consumption, material utilization rate greatly reduced, increased costs, increased the forging force. Therefore, small flash no flash die forging and closed die forging into people's pursuit. The life style of closed die forging has become a development trend in the future.
Classification and advantages of closed die forging
The closed die forging can be classified according to the precision of the forging and the form of parting surface.
1.Forging precision classification
This method can be divided into two forms, one is generally closed die forging machining allowance and tolerance is still commonly used open die forging, improve the use of forging materials, it is the fundamental purpose of the. Another is precision closed die forging, this method not only products not fly edge and forgings have a very small machining allowance and tolerance, mechanical processing is only a rough machining or not even need to be processed, precision forging.
2.According to the classification of the form of classification
This classification can be divided into two forms. A is separable concave die closed die forging, referred to as: die forging, which has three and more than three mobile punch of flashless die forging, referred to as multi die forging. The other is the integral die forging die forging in the shape of simple forgings using this method, in the shape of complex forgings products can be divided into die forging die forging die.
Classification and advantages of closed die forging
The advantage of closed die forging is:
1.Improve the material utilization
The general material utilization rate can be improved by 10-30% according to different forging shapes, wherein the utilization ratio can be up to 95% in the small inner hole gear hot closed die forging material.
2.Improve the precision forging
Such as heat closed type forging allowance 0.6-0.8mm only in the car transmission gear box, rough machining process is omitted, belonging to the precise blanks.
3.Save the production process.
Because there is no fly edge, cutting edge cutting process.
4.Reduce energy consumption
Reduce 10-50% in terms of energy consumption.
5.Improve the mechanical properties
Classification and advantages of closed die forging
The above is the classification of closed die forging and the advantages of different categories, hoping to help to everyone!