Centrifugal casting process characteristics

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Centrifugal casting process characteristics

There are many kinds of casting technology, the following is to introduce the centrifugal casting technology.
1. The definition of centrifugal casting
Centrifugal casting, the liquid metal is poured into the mold of rotation, and then under the action of centrifugal, cast metal solidification in casting liquid cores, the machine, and its use is called centrifugal casting machine.
2. The application of centrifugal casting
Centrifugal casting pipe, tube is mainly used in the production of casting parts, such as iron pipe, copper cover, cylinder liner, seamless steel tube blank, etc., in addition, it also can be used in the casting wheel casting parts, for some easy to generate gravity segregation of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy, such as is not suitable for the use of centrifugal casting.
Centrifugal casting process characteristics
3. The classification of the centrifugal casting
In the direction of the axis of rotation casting, centrifugal casting machine can be divided into horizontal, vertical and tilting of the three.
Horizontal centrifugal casting machine: it is mainly used for tubular casting foundry.
Vertical centrifugal casting machine: it is mainly used for circular parts and small noncircular casting foundry.
4. The centrifugal casting mold
Centrifugal casting mold, generally there are two, for non-metallic type, metal type and apply within the metal mold coating or resin sand casting.
In the mold, rotational speed is an important parameter, requires enough centrifugal force, but also cannot too big, lest affect the shrinkage of metal.The right amount of centrifugal force, help to increase the density of metal, but if too large, will make the metal composition segregation, so normally, speed for decades to 1500 per minute, this is more appropriate.
Centrifugal casting process characteristics
5. The characteristics of centrifugal casting
The characteristics of the centrifugal casting is:
(1) less inclusions, excellent mechanical properties.
Don't (2) for molding and core making, can save materials;
(3) if the casting hollow, so don't need to water the riser, can greatly improve the utilization rate of metals and reduce waste;
(4) do not need pouring system, and good benefits.
But its drawback is that the surface roughness and size error is big, the quality is not very good, and can produce porosity and slag, etc., so there should be allowance when processing.
Above is the related data on centrifugal casting, the hope can help to you.

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