Centrifugal Castings

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Centrifugal Castings

Densen Group, as China top machining manufacturer, its centrifugal casting process is often the most cost effective technology for producing very high quality ring, tube and cylindrical shaped castings with exceptional material properties and soundness, similar to forgings.

Cost savings are achieved by casting close to the finish dimensions of a part resulting in better material yields and less machining time by not having to remove large amounts of stock. For parts that need a higher guarantee of quality and soundness, centrifugal casting is the best option. 

Centrifugal Casting Key Points:

  • Exceptional quality ring, tube, and cylindrical shaped castings

  • Cast under pressure to ensure sound material

  • Mechanical properties comparable to forgings

  • Ability to cast part sizes up to 70” diameter 

  • Can be made as straight wall or shaped - casting in flanges, bosses, tapers, steps and through-holes

Cost Advantages:

  • Ability to drastically lower machining cost by casting closer to shape

  • Semi-machining comes standard which saves time and setup costs

  • No tooling cost for most for most straight wall dimensions 

  • Low order quantity requirements 

  • Cost benefit from material savings is even greater with higher alloys