Blade forging processing method

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Turbine blade play a key role of the energy transformation, is the "heart" of the steam turbine components.Mould forging has been the main technological means for blade, different forging process on the quality of the blade is different.According to the leaf blade body type surface unilateral machining allowance size, blade forging processing methods can be divided into four kinds:
Blade forging processing method
1, the precision forging
Profile of unilateral machining allowance of 0.5 ~ 1.5 mm of forging called precision forging.Precision forging blades just processing hub reflectance, convex platform, as well as admission, the blade body surface polishing, do not need mechanical processing.
Precision forging blades can obtain a complete metal flow, a finer grain size, in order to gain good organizational performance, precision forging blades can improve material utilization and reduce the machining time;High precision forging blades for surface quality of the raw material, the precise blanking, forging heating to do less without oxidation;Distribution of billet require high precise, blocking.
Blade forging processing method
2, xiao yu forging ratio
Profile of unilateral allowance for 1 ~ 2 mm forged and tolerance zone of 0 ~ 2 mm called xiao yu forging ratio.The general technological process for the heading - long pull - forging - CNC profile milling - off.
Its advantage is, good toughness and high blocking efficiency, material utilization rate is higher than the common forging.
Blade forging processing method
3, precision forging
Profile of unilateral allowance for 3-3.5 mm, the tolerance zone of 0 ~ 3 mm forging is called the level of precision forging.Level of precision die forging need to optimize the forging stock design, reasonable distribution of blank;Higher requirements on the mat and forging process.
Some domestic manufacturers for a long time to use the technology of forging blades, because of the design process control of the allowance and free forging mat for billet size control problems, cause forgings quality is not very ideal.
Blade forging processing method
4, the common forging
Profile of unilateral allowance in 4.5 ~ 6 mm, tolerance zone of 0 ~ 4.5 mm is called the common forging forging method.Generally USES free forging blocking.
Blade forging processing method
The method for raw materials, low forging heating and the design requirements, forging forming, but low accuracy, subsequent machining working hours, low material utilization.