Automobile forging hub with casting wheel hub have so much different

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Car wheel manufacture of casting and forging.
In general, the casting wheel hub will be divided into two methods: gravity casting and low pressure casting.
Gravity casting manufacturing process is simple, it is inside the liquid alloy pour into mold cooling molding, also because of the mold and durable, the craft is simple, is the lowest cost of manufacture way;Low pressure casting is an alloy of the liquid with low pressure into the mold, let average molecular distribution, pore is less, the high density of metal so strong intensity, high safety coefficient is the former, modelling also can more complex (also will be more delicate look good).
The advantages of casting wheel for: lower prices, is no restrictions on modelling, will hit to bend, not easy to break.
Automobile forging hub with casting wheel hub have so much different
Forging hub process method is the use of high pressure (mostly thousands of tons of pressure) will be a piece of has heating alloy pressure into a hub of coarse embryos (prototype), then use CNC detail carver secondary processing, due to too high pressure under the impact, so the metal between the molecules is smaller, clearance is more thin, density is higher, material molecular interaction force between will become more strong, so the wheel hub with fewer materials can achieve enough rigidity, let whole lighter weight.Due to the forging metal is still in the solid state, so modelling can't like liquid casting as rich change, forging hub face are mostly simple thick line shape.By forging can eliminate the metal smelting process of as-cast loose defects, such as optimizing the microstructure, at the same time because of the intact metal flow, forging generally better than that of the same material on the mechanical properties of the castings.Related mechanical load is high, the working conditions of severe important parts, in addition to a simpler shape rolling plate, profile or welding parts are available, use forging more.
Automobile forging hub with casting wheel hub have so much different
Forging hub as follows: the advantages of light weight, high rigidity.
1. The production technology of forging hub
One is "solid forging.Truck wheel of simple structure, can use the solid forging process.
The second is "after the first casting forging".For more and more beautiful car wheel hub, a single solid forging is very difficult to produce.This would require the use of "after the first casting forging", first with the traditional process, such as low pressure casting, gravity casting, metal mould casting process to produce the basic shape of the blank, and then change to the forging precision forging machine tool.For most of the structure is very complex appearance is very elegant hub, produced is introduced in this paper are available.
Three is "continuous casting forging".With "continuous casting forging process can produce" structure is more complicated than "after the first casting forging", design is more exquisite forging hub.Comprehensive mechanical properties of a class is higher than the casting wheel hub and the spokes will be more fine Jane, the aesthetic feeling more like fairy bone.
Automobile forging hub with casting wheel hub have so much different
2. The technical characteristic of forging hub
(1) using a cylindrical design, the bigger the diameter of the wheel hub is the use of thicker aluminum to forging, casting aluminum circle and the hub using the "raw material" of the different manufacturing methods.
(2) according to the width is the number of J cutting aluminum aluminum hub.
(3) aluminum ingots first heated to 400 ℃, which can prepare for forging.
(4) hot forging forming.The higher the tonnage of forging press the aluminum ingots working temperature is lower, smaller grain size are forging products, toughness is higher also.
(5) after high temperature and high pressure molding of coarse embryos temperature is very high, the surface is full of black carbon, must use the fork motivation to handle. But after pickling surface treatment of coarse embryos had a hub.
(6) in T4 and T6 two thermal processor for a long time to machining after heat treatment, coarse grain of embryo will be more tight, product toughness will increase.
(7) forging aluminum hub must rely on mechanical processing, coarse embryos processing to wheel molding, so that the work content includes bead forming, screw drill hole, disk turning, detail processing steps, etc.
(8) before coating, to check whether there is a wheel hub surface defects.
The above is the difference about automobile forging hub and casting wheel hub of the related introduction, hope can help to you.

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