Analysis on the daily maintenance of dry magnetic separator

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Permanent magnet dry magnetic separator due to its own requirements and strength of the work, so it is particularly important to maintain daily maintenance, more important is the replacement of the maintenance of the oil.
Analysis on the daily maintenance of dry magnetic separator
Attention should be paid to the use of the process:
1.Permanent magnetic cylinder wall wear, if you find that the plaster off after serious wear and tear, do not delay to deal with re - hung immediately.
2.There is no iron and other debris into the box body, such as debris should be immediately removed.
3.Motor, and stepless transmission device and a permanent magnetic cylinder bearing overheating, bearing temperature generally not exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, the maximum limit is 55 degrees Celsius.
4.Whether the transmission belt tension to a certain extent.
5.Belt wear, found that there is serious wear and tear, belt replacement to choose the same as the replacement.
6.Enough lubricating grease are placed on the all lubricating points, no speed oil level is normal, such as the discovery of problems, should be promptly added.
Analysis on the daily maintenance of dry magnetic separator
Regular maintenance of magnetic separator equipment, adjustment or replacement of the impact of its performance and the equipment can not be a normal work of parts.
Analysis on the daily maintenance of dry magnetic separator
A regular work on the maintenance of permanent magnetic dry magnetic separation machine. Maintenance work will have a direct impact on the operating rate and service life of the permanent magnet dry magnetic separator. In order to detect defects and eliminate hidden dangers, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, in addition to the routine maintenance, also need to regularly downtime, recommended monthly) to the important parts of the cylinder wall, a box body, a transmission belt for serious examination, recorded in detail. According to different levels of processing and maintenance.

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