Aluminum alloy wheel hub forging production process

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Forging is one of the forming process of aluminum wheel application earlier.Forging aluminum wheel with high strength, good resistance to corrosion, and the advantages of small size precision, processing capacity, in general, its weight is equivalent to the same size steel wheel only 1/2 or more lower.Grain flow and stress distribution of forged aluminum wheels in the same direction, its strength, toughness and fatigue strength are significantly better than cast aluminum wheels.At the same time, the performance has a good reproducibility, almost every wheel has the same mechanical properties.Forging aluminum wheel hub of the typical elongation is 12% ~ 17%, thus can be a very good absorb vibration and stress of the road.Casting wheel hub usually has a strong ability to withstand compression force, but the ability to withstand shocks, shear and tensile load is far less forging aluminum wheels.The strength of the forging hub with higher weight ratio.In addition, pore-free forging aluminum wheel hub surface, thus has good surface treatment capability, not only can ensure uniform coating, combined with the strong, and color.Forging aluminum wheel hub's biggest drawback is the number of production processes, the production cost is much higher than the casting.
Aluminum alloy wheel hub forging production process
Casting forging method
Casting it is be used as a forging process of billet, the plastic processing method.Eventually due to the forging as parts forming process, so it can eliminate the casting defects, improve the product structure, make the product mechanical properties than casting is greatly increased, at the same time, give full play to the advantages in forming complex parts casting technology, reduce complex shape product forging process, greatly improve the material utilization ratio, reduce production cost.Use aluminum wheel casting forging production, its performance can reach the mechanics performance of forging, but the production cost can be lower than ordinary forgings by 30%.At present, the technology since September 1996 successfully applied to mass production, has been adopted by many Japanese companies, economic effect is good.Currently only a handful of mainland enterprises, mainly in Taiwan and system) respectively in adopting this technology, equipment and technology from Bulgaria.
Aluminum alloy wheel hub forging production process
Semisolid die forging technology
So-called semisolid die forging, semi-solid billet is heated to a temperature of about 50% volume of liquid phase of semi-solid state after a die forging forming, obtain the required close to the size of finished parts processing, this is a kind of new process between solid forming and liquid forming.
Semisolid die forging of advantages: small parts inside the mold shrinkage, easy to close to the end into shape, mechanical processing capacity to reduce;Semisolid die forging surface level off is smooth, dense internal organization, small grains, mechanical properties than die casting and extrusion casting parts;Forming is not easy to gas, macro porosity and much less than in conventional casting microporosity;Low forming temperature, die life is long.
In recent 10 years, semi-solid forming technology obtained widespread application in foreign countries, and has gradually become the advanced industrial countries to a new area of development, experts and scholars called the 21st century a new generation of new metal forming technology.Expect for quite a long period of time, semi-solid forming automobile industry is the main market, is the most successful and most widely used car aluminum alloy parts.The United States has built several aluminium alloy semisolid die forging plant, including the United States AEMP (Alumax Enginered metal Process) with Superior industrial company cooperation in Arkansas in 1992, built the world's first semisolid die forging aluminum alloy automobile wheel hub.With semisolid die forging instead of low pressure casting production of ZL101 alloy aluminium wheels of the car, not only can reduce the mechanical processing capacity and improve productivity, but also can improve the mechanical properties, reduce the quality.、
Aluminum alloy wheel hub forging production process
Forging spinning
More high-end forming process, has 10% to control only the current domestic enterprises to adopt the technology of production, products are mainly supply bus, truck and high-end car market at home and abroad.Advantage is that the intensity of the inner quality of products, product high quality light;Defect is high equipment cost, the traditional forging process products spokes model can only be completed by milling, metal utilization rate is low and the production efficiency is not high also.Grinding grinding forging points traditional forging and forging and forging can be directly forging the modelling of the spokes.

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