Aluminum alloy welding

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Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products, because it has good physical properties, but due to improper selection of welding methods and welding technology parameters, creates aluminium alloy parts because of stress concentration have serious deformation after welding, or because the weld defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, incomplete fusion, result in weld metal cracks or loose material, seriously affected the product quality and performance.The small make up to introduce the aluminum alloy welding.
Aluminum alloy welding
1, to clean up before welding aluminum alloy aluminum alloy surface, there can be no oil, dust and so on, can use acetone to clean the surface of aluminum alloy spot welding, plate aluminum alloy to use wire brush to clean up, after adding acetone to clean.
2, need to clean up when welding aluminum alloy aluminum alloy surface, there can be no lampblack, dust, etc., and thick plate aluminum alloy to use wire brush to clean up, and then add acetone to clean.
3, if the board is to preheat, this can prevent preheat welding as it causes is not opaque, in charge of arc with small current arc filling holes.
4, welding must be specifications, according to the thickness of the plate to weld.
5, welding torch cable not too long, if too long will cause the wire feed stability.
Above is about aluminum alloy welding considerations related introduction, hope can help to you.

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