Aluminum alloy die casting technology requirements

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 Aluminum alloy die casting technology requirements

Technical requirements including the mechanics performance of the aluminum alloy die casting, die casting dimension and surface quality.
1, mechanical property, when adopt the die casting sample inspection, mechanical properties should comply with the regulations of GB/T15115.When die casting body test, specify cut the mechanical properties of taking degree of sample should be not less than 75% of the single cast specimens.Dongguan aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum die casting.
2, die casting die casting of geometric shape and size should comply with the regulations of castings in the pattern.Aluminum alloy die casting die casting size tolerance should press GB6414 regulations, if there are any special regulations and requirements, shall be specified on the drawing.The size of the die casting tolerance does not include casting Angle.Die casting to machining, the machining allowance shall be governed by the provisions of the GB/T11350.
 Aluminum alloy die casting technology requirements
3, surface quality and dimension precision castings, low surface roughness: casting surface roughness should comply with the regulations of GB6060.1.Castings are not allowed to have a crack, any penetrating casting, osteoporosis, bubbles and defects, and bruises, depression, lack of defects such as meat and mesh burr.
Aluminum alloy die casting products are mainly used for fishing vessels accessories, outdoor traffic signal lamp shell, handle, locks, electrical appliances, communications equipment, kitchen utensils and appliances accessories, motorcycle radiators and horn hood, LED lamp shell, camera equipment, heat sink, auto parts, electronic communication equipment, electronic game machines shell etc, some high performance, high precision, high toughness of high quality aluminum alloy products is also used in large aircraft, ship, etc require relatively high in the industry.

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    The procedure for new project develop as below:
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