Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve

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With a circular channel for the opening and closing of the ball, the ball with the valve stem rotation to achieve the opening and closing movements of a valve. A ball with a hole is the opening and closing parts of the ball valve, rotating around the axis perpendicular to the channel, but from the channel to produce the effect of closing open. Between the pipeline and equipment, the closure and opening of the medium is the role of the ball valve.
 Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve
The main advantages of the ball valve are as follows:
Applicable to the regular operation, open and close quickly, light.
Fluid resistance is small.
The structure is simple, the relative volume is small, the weight is light, and the maintenance is convenient.
Good sealing performance.
There is no limit to the installation, the media can flow in any direction.
No vibration, low noise.
 Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve
Floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, elastic valve and valve seal the valve according to the structure is divided into several categories; straight type and angle type and three-way etc. is according to the channel style categories, T-shaped and L-shaped is two kind of three-way. Pattern connection, flange connection and welding type three are classified according to the connection.
 Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve
The main disadvantages of the ball valve are as follows:
The position of the valve handle is rotated.
Could not be used for throttling.
Ball valve with drive mechanism should be installed upright.
 Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve
The above is a small series on the advantages and disadvantages of the ball valve introduced.

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