Advantages and classification of stud welding

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Stud welding is the stud 2-25 mm in diameter or columnar metal efficient, low cost, full face fusion welding on the surface of the metal, a special welding method.The application of this technology could replace some traditional processing methods, such as: drilling, tapping, manual welding, welding processing, etc.
Down capacitive energy-storage stud welding machine manufacturers to talk about advantages and classification of stud welding:
 Advantages and classification of stud welding
Stud welding advantages:
First: the weld fusion whole section, improved the security of the welding position
Second: welding in instantaneous, improves welding efficiency
Third: can adapt to a variety of metal materials
Fourth: small heat affected zone, parent metal welding deformation is small
Fifth: welding damage is very small, the back of a parent metal without or only a small welding damage
Sixth: keep the leakproofness of hollow parts
Seven: the single side welding
Eighth: easy to operate.
 Advantages and classification of stud welding
Stud welding classification:
According to the principle of the characteristics of welding and power supply, we stud welding is usually divided into capacitor energy storage type stud welding and tension arc stud welding, welding in 0.003 seconds, the former is used for welding stud on the sheet, the latter welding time in 0.1 1.5 seconds, used for welding stud in a more complex environment.
 Advantages and classification of stud welding
Capacitive energy-storage type stud welding concrete can be divided into:
1) contact stud welding;
2) clearance type stud welding.
 Advantages and classification of stud welding
Arc stud welding, concrete can be divided into:
1) ceramic protection ring mode stud welding;
2) gas protected mode stud welding;
3) short cycle mode stud welding (divided into two) with and without gas shielded gas protection.
 Advantages and classification of stud welding
Either stud welding technology, to obtain ideal welding effect, need we to strict control the following parameters: for example, welding time, welding current, movement control, equipment operational ease, by welding metal material composition and so on.

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