A good way to solve the magnetic separator drum skin abrasion

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Magnetic drum skin abrasion phenomenon in the work is unavoidable, then when this situation we should do what? Although we were not able to prevent this from happening, but we can control this time. The following small make up to teach you a few strokes!
A good way to solve the magnetic separator drum skin abrasion
In the magnetic separation machine work, and the collision between the materials is necessary to occur, so the magnetic drum wear is also very easy to happen. When the wear reaches a certain extent will appear worn, so that the pulp will enter magnetic drum can be adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic system, locking will be occurred between the drum skin with the magnetic system, or result in bearing damage when the pulp into the bearing and eventually the whole damage can not work normally.
A good way to solve the magnetic separator drum skin abrasion
The following methods can be used to alleviate the wear time:
1.Cylinder skin wear protection1
The cylinder cover with PVC coating, and then PVC adhesive coating, so that the service life of the cylinder can be greatly improved.
2.Magnetic system fixed
With glass ribbon to the epoxy resin, iron packing strip, stainless steel plate coating for the whole of the magnetic system package test, according to the test results, the stainless steel plate with 0.5 thickness of 1Cr18Ni9Ti wrapped magnetic system.
A good way to solve the magnetic separator drum skin abrasion
The two ends of the stainless steel plate are clamped by a thin plate, and fixed with bolts, and the final bolt is connected with a bolt to adjust the tightness of the steel plate. The surface magnetic field of the magnetic system is very small, and there is enough strength to the magnetic system, the effect is remarkable. After the method is adopted, the problem of the magnetic system is completely solved.
A good way to solve the magnetic separator drum skin abrasion
The above is about the magnetic separator roller cylinder skin wear some of the solution.

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