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New Densen Steel CNC Machining Factory in China

Type: Machining

Description: proof machining/precision machining

Material: Steel/Iron/Non-ferrous alloy

Tolerance: 0.01

Weight(Kg): 0.001-100000

Roughess(Ra): 0.1

Delivery Time: 45 Days for regular products

Port: DaLian/Shanghai/Ningbo/Tianjin

Payment Term: T/T L/C

Place of Orgin: CHINA
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Cost driven manufacturing and quality focus, to be world class customized casting, forging, stamping, machining, welding and fabrication supplier

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 is any of various processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. The processes that have this common theme, controlled material removal, are today collectively known as subtractive manufacturing, in distinction from processes of controlled material addition, which are known as additive manufacturing. Exactly what the "controlled" part of the definition implies can vary, but it almost always implies the use of machine tools (in addition to just power tools and hand tools).

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New Densen- XBL has more than 60 precision machines incl. CNC center, boring, milling, lathing, etc., and more than 300 inspection instruments incl. 3 sets CMM with grade μm. Repeated tolerance can be maintained as 0.02mm.Meanwhile awarded by certificates ISO9001-2008; ISO/TS16949. New Densen -XBL specialized in high precise machining for small-middle -big metal components

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Technical parameter

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Inspection report

inspection report


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We will strictly follow the schedule and provide weekly reports to ensure the customers see the production status of the products in real time

Respond to your inquiries within 12 hours

If you want to know more details, pls contact us.

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