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Industry OEM Strong Magnet NdFeB Magnetic Bar by Neodymium Permanent Magnet

Tolerance:0.05mm ~ 0.1mm
Dimension(L*W*H):Depend on Model
Application:Industrial Magnet
Place of Origin:Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Model Number:OEM
Dimension(L*W*H):Depend on Model
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Industry OEM Strong Magnet NdFeB Magnetic Bar by Neodymium Permanent Magnet

New Densen is professional supplier for impellers, made hundred kinds of various impellers for customers among the world. Material can be stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, etc. Process could be investment casting, sand casting, sintering, machining. Quality is reliable and prices are competitive. Welcome you send us enquires for quotation. 

Product description:
Powerful NdFeB neodymium Bar Magnetic Filters  is made from permanent magnets, stainless steel tubes and metal frames and is used to remove ferrous parts and tramp iron in the field of medicines, textiles, foods, grains, plastics etc. The magnets bars can be strong Neodymium magnets, Alnico magnets and ferrite magnets etc.There are vairous outline shapes and handling capacity for your choice. With unique design for high gradient field, square bar magnet could be widely used in food, medicine, chemical, plastic, new materials, mine, etc. It could remove iron from materials. 

Products show:



We can design the weight, specification and shape of the magnetic bar according to your requirement,or provide solutions and advice based on your equipment.

1. Magnetic field could be over 12000 gauss.
2. Efficiency raised and the intensity of labor is decreased.
3. High-performance NdFeB materials, firm structure, long service time.
4. Low cost, easy to install and clean.
5. the working temperature for standard items would be ≤80ºC, also items could be supplied for working temperature reached 200 ºC.
6. Different sizes could be designed as required.


Magnetic bar's  Diameter Material Surface magnetic Operating  Surface  Size
field intensity  field intensity temperature material
15000GS F30 NdFeB 14800 80°C 304/316L OEM
14000GS 14000 100°C
12000GS F25 12000 100°C
10000GS 10000 80°C
9000GS 9000 120°C
3000GS 3000 150°C


 Products shown herein are made to the requirements of specific customers and are illustrative of the types of manufacturing capabilities available within Densen group of companies.

Our policy is that none of these products will be sold to 3rd parties without written consent of the customers to whom the tooling, design and specifications belong.  

Company Information

Shenyang New Densen Casting and Forging Company is the sales company of Shenyang Densen Group of Companies. Features of New Densen simply summarized as below:

1. Trusted supplier of steel, iron & non-ferrous components;

2. Extensive documented quality program in place. 

3. Castings, forgings, stampings, machining, welding & fabrication services.

4. 9 related factories, over 50 joint-venture sub-contractors.

5. 25+ years of manufacturing experiences, 10+ years of exporting experience

6. 100% of products sold to overseas customers.

7. 50% of customer base is forturne 500 companies. 

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Supported Industries

New Densen’s products are used in a wide variety of application and industry sectors. 

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Frequently Asked Question


1.wet type magnetic separator

Q: Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

A: In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content.

2.dry type magnetic separator

In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know

1.the material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content.

2.the material thickness transported on conveyor .

3.The width of conveyor belt .

3.Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know follow info:

1.material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and ferrous content 

2.the material thickness transported on conveyor belt.

3.The shape and width of the conveyor belt .

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